What is CREMAT

Cremation Coin Burns Coins That Have Excessively High Supplies

Before buying a cryptocurrency, you should consider the purpose of the coin. There are many coins out there that don't have much basis for existence. Cremation Coin is different. We aim to help solve a huge, pervasive problem in the crypto world: tokens with astronomical supplies.

Cremation Coin is a new, revolutionary crypto project aimed at burning the supplies of coins with excessively high supplies, such as LUNC and SHIB. We are currently focusing our attention on burning LUNC, BabyDoge, and Pepe. Our custom smart contract was developed and audited by Analytix Audit, a trusted Pinksale partner. We are KYC verified through Cyberscope, also a Pinksale partner. Our liquidity and team wallets are also locked to give our investors peace of mind. By implementing a burn mechanism on 4.5% of all taxable trading volume, CREMAT could potentially burn billions of dollars’ worth of coin supplies. As CREMAT grows in popularity, our team will develop and execute more creative and innovative ways to burn. From raffles and incentives to community burns and bonus burns, the amount that we burn is truly in the hands of the crypto community. We regularly run incentives on our social media platforms to keep our community engaged and maximize our burning potential. Contract Address: (click to copy) 0xB8501A9a9AAAE239a2490f44e00B284BAa0b131a

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why Choose us

Why choose CREMAT

Build Wealth by Trading

Cremation Coin uses a portion of its taxable trading volume to burn LUNC, CREMAT, PEPE, and Baby Doge. This means you can increase your wealth by trading CREMAT, and simply holding LUNC, PEPE, and Baby Doge.


We believe that staking should simply be a way to reward our investors. It's your money; use it how you want. We offer fee-free staking that allows you to withdraw your rewards on your timeline. Click here to learn more.

Strong Community

With support from the communities of the coins we burn, our community has incredible potential to grow more and more by the day.

Our Twitter and Telegram communities play an integral role in the direction of Cremation Coin. We hold discussions and polls, with a high participation rate on a regular basis to allow our community to be heard.

Accountable Team

Cremation Coin holds itself to a high standard. Everything we do is geared toward having a high level of transparency and accountability. This mindset allows our holders to have peace of mind when investing with us.

  • LUNC burn: 1.5%
  • CREMAT Burn: 1.5%
  • Burn BabyDoge/Pepe: 1.5%
  • LUNC Blockchain ecosystem/development: 1%
  • Development and marketing: 2.5%

Our tax structure allows us to become a deflationary asset, burn massive amounts of coins, and still develop the project in such a way that is beneficial to our investors. Every transaction contributes to the success of CREMAT.

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Cremation Coin's tokenomics are designed with holder safety and security in mind. Our liquidity will remain locked for two years, as well as our team and development tokens. This is a rug-proof contract aimed at delivering peace of mind to our investors and prospective buyers.
OUr Roadmap

CREMAT Strategy and
Project Plan

Q4 2022


Market research Competition Analysis Strategizing.
Q4 2022

Smart Contract Development

We’ve partnered with Analytix Audit, a trusted Pinksale patner, to develop and audit our custom smart contract.
Q4 2022


Our KYC verification was performed by Cyberscope, a trusted Pinksale Partner.
Q4 2022


CREMAT Fairlaunch began on December 21st, 2022.
Q4 2022


We launched on Pancakeswap on December 27th, 2022.
Q1 2023


We’ve recently upgraded our brand image, added staking options, increased marketing, and gained recognition from crypto news outlets, such as The Crypto Basic.
Q2 2023

Eth Launch

On April 18th, 2023, we released CREMAT ETH, allowing our investors and potential buyers to choose the network they prefer, and create the opportunity to burn more crypto!
Q2 2023

The Future is Bright

We’re just getting warmed up! The potential of this coin will prove to be limitless as adoption grows and people start to understand what we do. Join us and be part of the movement!

2023 and Beyond

As we expand, we will work toward implementing the following utilities:
Game, NFTs, CREMAT Store, Humanitarian Efforts, Super Secret Project.
Dextools Cremat/USD chart
Poocoin swap
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Here at Cremation Coin, we believe that staking should simply be a way to reward our faithful investors. We don't believe in overcomplicating things. It's your money; use it how you want. By staking your coins, you not only receive rewards, you remove your coins from the circulating supply, which adds overall value to the project. Staking Details:
  • 1. No fees involved. Period.
  • 2. Stake and unstake whenever you want. There are no time restrictions.
  • 3. 50% rewards per year, delivered in CREMAT.
  • 4. You must claim your rewards before unstaking.
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Our team

The Leadership

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Darran B

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